Plans For Homemade Motorcycle Lift Table

Motorcycle Lift Tables are unique because they are one of the few operational pieces of equipment that are fairly easy to make at home. Additionally because the basic function of a lift table is simply to bring the motorcycle up to better maintenance height; it can be made out of a variety of materials and employ various lifting mechanisms. Also because various bikes weight different amounts, a homemade lift table can be tailored specifically for the owner's motorcycle.

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motorcycle lift table plans If you spend some time looking online you will find a few resources where you can purchase professional lift table plans online. To save you time we have listed the top resources below. Before you do this however, you may want to check out our For Sale page to see if there is a lift within your price range, or perhaps cheaper than it would cost to build one.

Lift Table Plan 1

Customer Choppers Guide provides an expensive yet professional designed and engineered lift table plan. It is available in three different variations at the price of $9.95 each. This lift plan features the following:

For more information about this motorcycle lift table plan along with pictures and how to buy click here.

Lift Table Plan 2

AFAB online features several lift tables including a traditional motorcycle one. This site also features a movie showing the lift in action. These plans are a little pricier at $20 per plan. For more information on this plans click here.

homemade motorcycle lift table

Free or DIY Plans

While 100% free completed professional motorcycle lift tables are not readably available online there are numerous photos, write-ups and videos detailing how to build one from scratch. Motorcycle forums can be a great resource. Many of the DIY options are made of wood; however there are a few that are made from steel featuring a mechanized lifting apparatus. One such example is in the video embedded below.